Why important hardik pandya for indian team and feature captain


Hardik Pandya India's Feature Captain and Best Allrounder:

India's all-rounder Hardik Pandya will be India's captain and best all-rounder in the coming times

Recently the IPL is over, the team of Gujarat Titans has become the champions in the captaincy of Hardik Pandya.

Captain Hardik Pandya has contributed a lot in making Gujarat Titans team champions.

Hardik Pandya made Gujarat Titans champions in this session IPL with 487 runs and 8 wickets and excellent captaincy in the first year itself.

Hardik Pandya made his IPL debut in the year 2015 for Mi

2015 Hardik Pandya had a great performance in IPL

After that in the year 2016, Hardik Pandya got a chance in the Indian team to play As Allrounder

And Hardik Pandya grabbed this opportunity perfectly and performed well.

Hardik pandya ipl runes:

(107 matches 1963* runs)

year 2015 (9 matches played runs 112*)

year 2016 (11 matches played runs 44*)

year 2017 (17 matches played runs 250*)

year 2018 (13 matches played runs 260*)

year 2019 (16 matches played runs 402*)

year 2020 (14 matches played runs 281*)

year 2021 (12 matches played runs 127*)

year 2022 (15 matches played runs 487*)

(107 matches wicked 50*):

year 2015 (9 matches played wicked 1*)

year 2016 (11 matches played wicked 3*)

year 2017 (17 matches played wicked 6*)

year 2018 (13 matches played wicked 18*)

year 2019 (16 matches played wicked 14*)

year 2020 (14 matches played wicked 0*)

year 2021 (12 matches played wicked 0*)

year 2022 (15 matches played wicked 8*)

Hardik Pandya as Allrounder in Indian team:

Hardik Pandya will be in come Indian team after 2021 WTC

Hardik Pandya's full focus will be that IPL-like performance should be done in international cricket as well.

Indian team needs a player like Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya has performed very well for the Indian team, he has won a lot of matches for the Indian team.

But last year Hardik Pandya did not have any special performance in the Indian team.

Last year Hardik Pandya has also been injured due to which Bo has also been out of the Indian team.

Hardik pandya start a new journey:

Hardik Pandya will now start a new journey in which his focus will be to perform well and take the Indian team forward with a strong

Ind Vs Sa T20 Serises Started From 9th June

In this series, Hardik Pandya's full focus will be to perform well in this stage and start a new journey.

Hardik Pandya's foam and performance are very important for the Indian team

ind vs sa 5 T20 series:

This series is going to be a very important series for Hardik Pandya, in this series Hardik Pandya 

Will have to perform well Hardik Pandya will have full confidence of IPL performance

If Hardik Pandya retains his IPL foam, then this will end the big tension of the Indian team.

Why Hardik pandya important for indian cricket team:

All the cricket teams in the world, everyone is searching for a seam /bat Allrounder

After Kapil Dev, many allrounders came in the Indian team but Bah could not perform like an allrounder

But Hardik Pandya has all the skills so that he will perform well in both the bat/bowl/field

Kapil Dev led India to win the World Cup for the first time

And this is the thinking of the Indian team that in the coming time, Hardik Pandya should win the World Cup for India.

This is the reason why Hardik Pandya is important for India cricket team

Indian players foam:

India has to play a lot of trail series before wtc 

In which India also has to tour England

Indian team will try its best to show good performance in all trail series and do that series

Indian team will be worried about the foam of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya

But these are all big players, soon their foam will return and on the basis of their good performance, India will win the whole series

WTC 2022 in Australia:

Wtc, which will start from October, will be the full focus of the Indian team to win the Bo Wtc Cup

In Wtc tournament, full focus will be on Hardik Pandya, how he performs.

Hardik Pandya's performance in the Last Year Vatak tournament was not good, due to which the Indian team was out of the tournament

But good performance is expected from Indian players and Hardik Pandya as a finisher in this Wtc This time there is full hope from the Indian team that the Indian team should won the wtc and make India proud.

WC 2023 in India:

Wc 2023 will start in India, the full focus of the Indian team will be to win the title

Last time in 2011 the Indian team hosted Wc

And the Indian team defeated Sri Lanka in the final and won the title

WC 2019 Indian team had a very good performance but in the semi-final match, the Indian team lost to NZ

But in 2023, the full focus of the Indian team will be that Bow will win the final.

WC 2023 Hardik Pandya to be important for Indian team

Indian team has won 2 titles so far Allrounder's biggest contribution has been in winning both these titles.

1983 Kapil Dev performed very well for the Indian team as an all-rounder and captain and won the wc Tital 

In 2011 also, Allrounder made a big contribution

Yubraj Singh did a very good performance in 2011 Wc as Allrounder 

Result Indian Team Won 2011 Wc

WC 2023 India will have full focus on Hardik Pandya to perform well and make Indian team win the title

In the last some years, the Indian team has lost many titles

(2014 Los wt20 final, 2015 wc semifinal, 2016 wt20 semifinal, 2017 champion trophy final, 

2019 wc semifinal, 2020 test champion ship final

All over Hardik pandya a best and great all-round for Indian cricket team And in the coming time, Hardik Pandya will also captain the Indian team.

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