Why The Cryptocurrency Market Is Going Down


All crypto investors have to say that why the crypto market is going down

There Was A Time When All The Crypto Market Was Green Each crypto token was making a new ATH All crypto investors were investing in crypto and making profit People were building their protofolio 2x 3x 4x out of crypto

Crypto had become a big business for all

People were making great profits by investing in crypto crypto was giving everyone a good return    

The crypto price kept going up and down

Many times the crypto price went down but again the crypto used to make a new ATH

2022 Crypto dark year: In 2022 crypto gave big return to the people All crypto made its new ATH

Everyone expected that bitcoin would be 100000$ in 2022 will cross Seeing the rapidly increasing rate of bitcoin, it also seemed right that bitcoin would cross $100000

All crypto prices right by January 2022 

Crypto price down fall start: February 2022 crypto was going down people thought crypto would recover again and make its new ATH

All the experts also said that crypto will recover again and make its new ATH

But it didn't happen like people are thinking, it didn't happen at all The crypto price slowly started going down further People did not understand: what is happening in this crypto

All the people's protofolio was going down slowly 

People expected that crypto again would take a turn and make its new ATH

But what people were thinking was not happening at all crypto was going down even more Everyone wants to know what is the reason for the crash of cryptocurrency (1) Reason

: The first races of crypto going down 
here was a ruckus about crypto in countries like India China Ukraine

There was a discussion going on to become a Crypto in all these countries

Company collapse in Ukraine had a major impact on crypto

And there was a lot of regular news about crypto

There was a lot of discussion over the crypto pay tax in India 

Become a Crypto Investor and Start Selling Your Protofolio to Avoid Taxes and crypto ban

There was a lot of reason for crypto going down

Due to the tax on crypto in India, people have stopped trading on exchanges like Coindcx Wazirx coinswich to avoid tax

The trading volume of all these exchanges has become very useful

(2) Reason : Due to crypto market down everyone started selling their protofolio to avoid loss

When everyone started selling their protofolio, then the crypto market started going down even more All the panic sellers were selling their crypto Crypto was going down as fast as crypto was rising at one time All the big projects were fundamental projects, the token price of all the projects was going down Seeing the crypto price going down, big investors also started coming out of crypto slowly The bad days of crypto had just begun 

Luna: Luna Entire Crypto Market Was Going Down But Luna's Price Was Going Up 

Everyone in this down market thought that Luna Will make a new ATH of $200

But the price of Luna started going down and a big project like Luna completely ruined 

For a big project like Luna, no one could have thought that the price of Luna would not be even 1 cent At one time Luna was trading for more than $100 And the time came when the price of Luna went from $100 to 0.01 cents

Big investors lost thousands of millions of dollars after Luna's failure The investor had invested his big money in Luna but after the failure of Luna, the money of the people became 0

Luna was a big project of the market, people expected that Luna would be the top project in the coming time But its reversed Luna went from top to 0

Solana: A big project like Solana would also spread The price of Solana token was $350 at one time but now according to this price, Solana is going down 70% The protofolio of the investor who has invested in Solana token is running at loss Some time ago there was an information that the Solon blockchain has been hacked

This news brought the price of Solana token down a lot Panic Seller started selling its protofolio seeing the price of Solana going down 

When people started selling Solana, then the price of Solana started going down even more

Solana Token Price Is Going Down Even More  People don't know how much solna will go down now if solana goes down further then no one can save solana from spreading

Btc/Eth/Solana/BNB/Trx/ All the kroto are going down even more now no one knows how much more it will go down now Right now the price of all crypto tokens is down 60%/70%

Investor's protofolio to invest in crypto is currently in loss People are very worried about crypto going down

Crypto gave a lot of profit to the people. People from crypto Earned a lot of Rupees and Dollars 

Many people fulfilled their dreams with crypto, many people made crypto their business

crypto made people rich But now that the whole crypto market has crashed Day by day crypto is going down even more People are losing a lot from crypto The way crypto made people rich, now they are also making crypto people poor

People were happy when people got profit from crypto but now people are losing then people are sad When people got profit in crypto, it was responsible for the people who invested in crypto And now if there is a loss of investor in crypto, then it is also the responsibility of the investor himself who invested in crypto

You yourself are responsible for all these things

suggestions: Invest your money in crypto so that you can lose and so that you do not have any problem Because crypto can make you rich and crypto can make you whole Just remember that crypto is not safe where your money is not lost Here you can make profit and also lose

Here you can make profit and also los

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