The Bear Market


Today I am going to tell you 3 topics

1 what is bear market

2 How does the bear market come about

3 how to survive the bear market

I am going to tell with full information on these three topics

When the market conditions are not good in the market for a long time There is a constant fall in the price of the market Day by day market price is going down the whole market is red what we call the bear market

Bear market is like a bad dream where crypto/share price is too low In the bear market all the people get down the protofolio Many people lose their money too Bear market is there many times and goes many times but what happens in Loss Bear market never comes back

How does the bear market come about:

You trade in many crypto/shares

Your trade is going very well You are making profit in every trade Then one day the market is down and then the next day is down  Similarly the market remains down for a long time

Bear market starts when the market is down continuously for 2 to 3 months

You can easily understand Bear Market When the market is going down since 1 month 

Then you understand that the bear market is about to come This is the easiest way to understand the bear market and be alert in advance If you understand the bear market and take the right decision, then you can earn profit instead of loss in the bear market

many people have the same problem Many people don't understand Bear Market And they lose their money by trading in the bear market

how to survive the bear market:
If you have invested in crypto/stock for long term then you should not have any pmarket
Because you have invested for long term then market will recover and manage your prorofolio or make market What to do if you haven't invested for the long term, how to survive the bear market First of all, you will check the details of any crypto/share you have invested in
Check their complete details, how is their fundamentals, how is their company How is their partner means you have to check complete details and information of crypto/share
Whether this crypto/share can servive in bear market or not If all is well with the company 
Then you hold your crypto/shares in the bear market Because you know the hold is gold
Bear market does not last for life time again market will recover and you will see profit in your protofolio
If your crypto/share details information is not correct This crypto / share can sink in the bear market then you sell your crypto / share and don't hold it If you keep hold then you will lose all your money in the market
Keep this thing in mind and you can survive in the bear market in this way

Before investing in any crypto/stock, get their details  check the information thoroughly then invest And make money from the investment book, which if you lose then you will not have any problem Croto / Share is a risky platform, you can profit here, then you can also lose your money here Keep these things in mind before investing Many people have earned crores from crypto/shares but many people have also lost crores of rupees in crypto/shares.

i Hope you must have learned from our education information

Note: investment own your risk this is a only information not a paresnol guide

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