Ms Dhoni The Finisher


MS Dhoni The great player of India, who has given India a big name in the cricket world and put India on the heights

year 2007: When the position of the Indian team was very bad and That year the T20 World Cup was also to be played, then the Indian team made Dhoni the captain for the T20 World Cup

Everyone felt that the Indian team would spread in the T20 World Cup

But due to the excellent performance of the Indian team and the superb captaincy of Dhoni, India won the 2007 T20 World Cup

The Indian team, along with winning the T20 World Cup, also gave a befitting reply to those people who were thinking that the Indian team would spread in the T20 World Cup

The Indian team was careful to create history by winning this T20 World Cup

Now the Indian team was completely changed

Under Dhoni's captaincy, the Indian team still had to make more history

and this the journey had begun

year 2008 : IPL had started from the year 2008, people 20 over game was a lot of fun

Due to Dhoni's superb captaincy in the very first session of IPL, Chennai team reached the finals but could not win the IPL title

year 2010: Once again the fun of IPL was roaring, this time the team of Chennai again reached the finals and Chennai won the IPL title due to the team's excellent performance and Dhoni's best captaincy

Dhoni was consistently showing his best captaincy and batting

year 2011 The world cup:

The World Cup had started, the Indane team was playing on the field with full enthusiasm

The great performance of the Indian team was going on continuously

Indian team was winning all the matches of the league state and performing well

The semifinal: Indian team reached the semi-finals due to India's excellent performance and Dhoni's best captaincy

semifinal Due to the excellent performance of the entire Indian team in the match and the best captaincy of Dhoni, the Indian team semifinal match won

The Final : The stadium was full, everyone was in full swing, everyone was waiting for India's victory The Indian team comes to the ground, due to the excellent batting of Sri Lanka, India gets a target of 275 runs 

Indian batsmen landed on the ground to bat, initially the Indian innings was seen blazing But then the Indian team won the final match due to the excellent performance of the Indian team and Dhoni.

There was an atmosphere of happiness on winning the All India World Cup 

After 28 years, India once again became the winner of the World Cup

Everyone was praising Dhoni for his excellent captaincy

India once again became the world champion due to Dhoni's superb captaincy

It was a matter of great pride for India that India again became the champion of the whole world

2011 IPL: Chennai reached the IPL final once again under Dhoni's captaincy and also won the IPL final The year was a big year for Dhoni, winning two big titles in a single year was a big thing for Dhoni and India

Dhoni Chennai won the IPL title for the second time due to the superb captaincy of Dhoni

Dhoni was ruling the whole world, his excellent captaincy and batting was making him a successful player

year 2013: India reached England to play Champions Trophy with full enthusiasm and intention to win

Everyone was worried about Dhoni's captaincy that this time also India will win the title

The Indian team performed brilliantly in the leage stage match and India reached the semi-finals

So far the performance of the Indian team is superb. The team's brilliant performance in the semi-final match and Dhoni's superb captaincy

India won the semifinal match because of indian team good performance

The Final: Indian was filled in the fence stadium

indian team He landed on the ground thinking that he has to return to India only after winning the Champions Trophy

Due to rain, the match started in 20 overs, the Indian batsmen scored 129 runs and gave a target of 130 runs to England

Indian team had very few runs but Indian bowler bowled brilliantly

Brilliant bowling and best captaincy helped India win the final of the Champions Trophy

India had won the Champions Trophy final 

There was a lot of happiness in the whole of India, this was the 3rd victory of India in Dhoni's captaincy

Dhoni was making India a great cricket team like a great captain 

Dhoni's captaincy was impressing everyone

Everyone praised Dhoni's captaincy

Dhoni made India the winner of India 3 times, it was a matter of great pride for Dhoni 

Dhoni and India won many trail series India also won the Asia Cup Made India No 1 Team Raised India's name in All World

India under Dhoni's captaincy  defeated teams like Australia and England by going to their country

IPL 2018: In Dhoni's captaincy, Chennai once again reached the final and after winning the final match, Dhoni won the title for Chennai 3 times

This year was a very big year for Chennai, the team of Chennai came back after 2 years

And Dhoni again made Chennai champions 

Dhoni a great and masterminde captain for chennai

year 2021: Dhoni again took Chennai to the final

Made to Chennai the 4th time champions of all team and Dhoni's best captaincy 

Dhoni who made Chennai the 4th time champions, who took over the entire Chennai team and made Chennai a successful team

Dhoni put India at a great height Dhoni made India many trail series and 3 times champions in his captaincy

Big and great captain like Dhoni who made India a successful cricket team

Dhoni has won a lot of matches with his batting and captaincy, he has also won the lost match for India

Dhoni was a finisher who has won matches for India in many matches. 

Dhoni is a great captain and great finisher and great wicket who made his team a successful team 

Dhoni is a great captain and finisher

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