Luna big scam


A big token of Luna crypto market in which millions of investors had invested their funds but what did all those investors know that their funds would be lost

Today we will tell you why Luna has failed, why all the investors have lost their funds

Year 2022 : Luna was the big token of crypto market At the beginning of 2022 the price was increasing slowly, all the investors were looking at Luna

Seeing the rising price of Luna, investors had started investing in Luna to earn profit, seeing the market of Luna performing well, everyone was getting attracted towards Luna

Slowly the public was investing in Luna tokens, due to which the market of the well was slowly increasing, Luna had become a promising name in the market, Lana's investor and market cap was very high

Luna was providing its investors with a variety of benefits. Luna did its own bridge lunch, allowing crypto users to transfer their tokens to another network. Luna's bridge lunch was a huge advantage for Luna

Luna and many more schemes launched for its users Example : High Staking Return Stocking Eyedrops and more people were investing by seeing all these schemes and rising price of Luna

Luna also launched its own nft market place looking at its user nft market place was a huge success for luna people also invested a lot of money in luna's luna scheme to attract user to its market place Also brought in which Luna used to offer its users a 50% discount on Whitelist's 

People remained involved in Luna's training scheme and the market place continued to grow

bare market start:cryptocurrency market down cryptocurrency news today latest

 When the bear market started, all the cryptocurrencies were slowly going down but the price of Luna was slowly increasing, the cryptocurrency market was down, the investor's protofolio was going down

But Luna was growing very fast in this Bear Market too many crypto investors who did not invest Luna but due to crypto market down

eir protofolio was in loss now bo to recover their loss they start investing their funds in Luna done

Now all the users of the market had started investing in Luna Luna all the users were giving very good interest Investors were investing all their funds in Luna for good interest Luna's price was growing so fast that in the year 2022 Luna went from $7 to $120

 Growing so fast Luna's next target was the public watching $300 and crypto investors believed that Luna would soon hit the target of $300 and this people believed at one point of time it looked right

Now the market started coming down a lot, the price of tokens like bitcoin ether came down so that the market had crashed completely but the market of Luna was still growing Luna gave good return to all the investors

Luna down start Now the price of Luna came down a bit people thought it was a small thing Luna would recover from it but it didn't happen the way people thought it didn't happen at all

Luna started going down more slowly which went slowly Luna went down to 30% but still people expected that Luna would recover again but Luna kept going down slowly

Now Luna was down 50% cryptocurrency market was down Entire market was down Now Luna was also down now all the investor's protofolio was in loss Crypto investor didn't understand what is happening

But in reality, the Luna market completely crashed, Luna had come down 70%, there was a panic in all the investors, no one understood that now people's money was being lost

Now there is such a huge fall in Luna that the investor's protofolio is down by 95%, Luna reached from 30$ to 1$ in the next 3 days Luna's market crashed 99%, the investor's money was completely lost

Luna's price went down and down and Luna's price was not even 0.1 cent at one time, such a big market crash became investor's millions of dollars, no one knows what happened to Luna, why did Exir Luna fail?

No one understood why Luna became such a huge market failure, did Luna cooperate with the investor, it has also remained a strong word

After all, crypto market is such a market where you can profit and you can also lose money, you can invest money in crypto market, which you can lose because it is not a guarantee that you will make profit, then crypto trading with great care and attention. Do not lose your fund because of earning more money

I hope you must have got information from this article of ours.

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