James Anderson Victory of 650 Wicket


Born on July 30, 1982, James Anderson has made history for England cricket today at the age of 39

In the 2nd Test match being played against New Zealand, Anderson made history by taking total 5 wickets in 2 innings

1st inning-3wicket 2nd inning-2wicket

James Anderson Is at number 3 in all the world with 651 wickets Ahead of him, Australia's bowler Shane warne is at number 2 with 708 wickets

Sri Lankan bowler Mutta Muraleetharan is the number 1 bowler with 800 wickets

This is the biggest achievement for any bowler

James Anderson has taken the England Cricket Board far ahead on the strength of his performance

James Anderson international cricket list

Test : 171 match 651 wicked 

ODI : 194 match 269 wicked

T20 : 19 match 18 wicked

James Anderson is a great bowler He has won many matches for England on the basis of his performance

James Anderson is a component bowler, his bowling is afraid of the biggest batsmen

James Anderson's bowling has been so great, he has won big matches due to his bowling

James Anderson's Almost 19 Year Test have a wonderful career He has performed very well in many matches

James Anderson was a Superb Test bowler at the time of 2012 His bowling was discussed all around It is a great achievement for any bowler to take 650 wickets in internation cricket

England Cricket Board will be very proud today on James Anderson, he did such a big job for England James Anderson has broken many records in his cricket career and has made many records But this record is the biggest record for James Anderson Any player has a dream to make international cricket history and today James Anderson's dream has been fulfilled

James Anderson has performed very well in Test cricket as well as if cricket has won many matches He has bowled brilliantly in his ODI cricket Due to his brilliant bowling, England has become a big cricket board

James Anderson has hit a total of 31 times 5 wicket hauls in his Test career and 2 5 wicked halls in Odi 31 Taking over the Five Wicked Hall is no easy task Andersen worked very hard for this and did a lot of hard work, then it was on history is made 31 time five wicked hall Andreson it is a great work

Any cricket board is always looking for a good bowler And this search of the England cricket team has been completed by Anderson

Not all teams get a great bowler but England got a cheap bowler like undress and Anderson took England to the skies

andresson is a great player who has performed brilliantly in his career

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