how to start affiliate marketing ( what is affiliate marketing )

           how to start affiliate marketing ( what is affiliate marketing )

Today I am going to tell you with full details how to start affiliate marketing and what is affiliate marketing 

All people want that they also have a source of earning so that they can earn part time online sitting at home, so today I am going to tell you the details about affiliate marketing if you also want to start affiliate marketing and make money sitting at home. If you want to wish, then if you work on the sources mentioned by me, then you will also start earning from affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing : 

First of all you have to understand affiliate marketing what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means that there is a product of any company or any brand that wants to sell in the in market, if you sell this product, then we call it affiliate marketing, I have told you this in a simple language

Overall, selling the product to us in affiliate marketing, now the product can be any one, now from where will we bring that product, which brand, which company will give the product to you, because there are many brands and companies whose product you are can sell

I want to tell you one thing if you want to start affiliate marketing then it is very important for you to have strategy and technique and when all these things come to you, then when you work regularly on affiliate marketing, your experience and knowledge will be your affiliate marketing will understand everything

affiliate marketing on amazon :

Amazon is the best platform to start affiliate marketing, you create an account of Amazon Affiliate, your account will be created easily, now after creating your account, you will get millions of products on Amazon, which you can promote and sell, you can sell every single one on Amazon. You will get commission from 5% to 12% on the product

You will get millions of products on Amazon, but now you can call those products as sales, first of all, you have multiple options to sell the product, by which you can sell your product comfortably

how to sell affiliate products :

Selling a product is the biggest thing, how to sell affiliate products First of all, you can target all the big social media you have, write Instagram Facebook Pinterest Twitter YouTube or if you have the skills, then you can also create your website or app

how to start affiliate marketing on facebook :

You will not believe that every day thousands of people are earning millions by selling their affiliate product on Facebook, you also have to target Facebook to sell your product, if you do regular work on Facebook, then your product will be more and more sales, remember this keep

it and you will earn more and more

First of all, to sell you the product on Facebook, all the trending products are running, which is very high in the hype market at that time, no matter what category the product is, but first of all you have to select the trending product

Now the imagie of all the trending products has made you attractive to you as much as possible so that people click on it as soon as they see it, when people click, people will also buy the product and you will earn commission

Already you will get a lot of attractive imagie of that product on Amazon, which you can do because you were shown good things only then people will click on it, if people click on any product even in 24 hours then you will get that product will get commission of

This is the most important topic, if you do not have any knowledge or understanding in affiliate marketing, then you can do free affiliate marketing crusade, this will benefit you a lot, from the course you will understand how to do affiliate marketing what is important for this

affiliate marketing learn :

 Learn is very important work for you because because of this you will get the idea and you will get to learn many more which is very important for you, you can do all these courses for free on google or youtube and you can learn

Before starting anything, it is very important to learn it, so you must learn this because affiliate marketing is such a method of earning that you can easily earn thousands of dollars sitting at home. Starting depends on your hard work. do you do it and how much work do you do in it

how to work with affiliate marketing :

All the points I have told you, you people do it and if you learn more then you can do free courses, you will get a lot of knowledge if you do regular work in affiliate marketing, then this is the source of income for you sitting at home. can earn thousands of dollars

Affiliate marketing market, you are Amazon, Flipkart, Meishu and many more platforms, so that you can do whatever you like, understand that you get more profit, get more commission, you can use it, it is up to you

Bonus Tip:

If you start affiliate marketing then you will not earn initially but if you want to earn from here then you will have to do regular work here. So you must take care of this

i hope you understand what i told you

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